Updates from the Marketing Department (6/13/11)

How to Update Your Clients About the Real Estate Market Using Facebook

In a Nutshell: Now send market related Facebook updates by just pushing ‘share’ from the Prudential Select Properties Facebook page. 

A number of you have approached me with the question, ‘I want to use Facebook to share updates on the current real estate market. What do you suggest?”  I’ve also noticed how some of you struggle converting our materials into a format compatible with Facebook.  To help you out, anytime I release new marketing pieces I’m also going to release a Facebook compatible piece.

For example this flyer was released last week: 

Download this file

On the Prudential Select Properties Facebook page I added a corresponding image (see below).  On Facebook, all you have to do is push the ‘Share’ link to display it on your page for all your Facebook friends. 


I will try to add valuable real estate content for the consumer a minimum of once a week.  This will be added to the “Prudential Select Properties‘ Facebook page because it is consumer content instead of the ‘You Know You’re In Real Estate‘ Facebook page where I update you on marketing, tools, and in-company bulletins. These posts may include:

  • Articles from local and national news sources
  • Videos and materials from Prudential Real Estate (a.k.a. Mother Prudential)
  • In-house materials that we (the marketing department in cooperation with George Bruns) create for your about local and national market conditions

If YOU see something that should be shared PLEASE let me know!!!! Remember you can email me anytime at Sarah@DiscoverStL.com.

Marketing Tip: When using Facebook for business remember 80% of your content should be SOCIAL and 20% should be BUSINESS.  You do not want your Facebook newsfeed to look like spam or an endless infomercial. 


This Week’s Consumer Information: 2011 Real Estate Statistics

In a Nutshell: Visit the Prudential Select Properties Facebook page and ‘share’ these statistics.

I’ve taken statistics provided by Prudential Real Estate from their Online National Survey completed in January 2011 and created an online shareable picture gallery.  See it below or visit the “Prudential Select Properties‘ Facebook page to share them.



Trulia and Zillow Updates

In a Nutshell: Now your listings have unlimited photos on Trulia and Zillow.

We’ve always provided syndication to Trulia.com and Zillow.com for your listings.  However, in the past we’ve been capped at only showing five photos on these sites.  Starting last week, both Trulia and Zillow now display our entire photo feed from the local MLS.  Just one more way we’re making sure you’re providing the maximum amount of exposure on listings to your customers. 


Brand Campaign

In a Nutshell: Prudential has released a new brand campaign supported by print advertising, commercials and digital ads. 

Prudential Real Estate has just released a new brand campaign called ‘Build Your Challenges.’  The full press release is available here. But in short, Prudential now has print advertisements (The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, USA Today, etc.), commercials on a number of major television networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, etc) and digital ads on major websites (Trulia, Realtor.com, Zillow, Yahoo, AOL, etc.) 

The campaign highlights the tough challenges facing the economy and Prudential’s goal to help solve these.  As a part of the campaign Prudential has created a website (www.Prudential.com/BringYourChallenges) with short videos discussing these challenges. 

View a sample of the commercial, print ads and digital ads below: 


Digital Ads:  


Print Ads:  


Brand Campaign Support Materials

In a Nutshell: New brand campaign flyers are now available on the Resource Center

Of course we’ve made new flyers for you to use with information about Prudential’s brand campaign.  These are now available on the Resource Center for you to include in your listing presentations. Check them out below: 

Download this file

Download this file


Prudential Select Properties brings national ‘Bring Your Challenges’ Advertising Campaign to St. Louis

St. Louis, MO — Prudential Financial, Inc. [NYSE:PRU] is inviting individuals, financial professionals and institutions to “Bring Your Challenges” in its new advertising campaign, a multi-year initiative launched the week of May 23. The campaign builds on Prudential’s 135-year history of meeting clients’ financial challenges. 

“This is a significant new campaign designed to demonstrate the important leadership role Prudential plays in helping people and organizations tackle their biggest financial challenges,” said Colin McConnell, head of Prudential Advertising, the company’s in-house advertising agency. “’Bring Your Challenges’ will build on the strength of Prudential’s brand and our leadership position in our core businesses through a 360-degree advertising and marketing campaign across traditional and digital media platforms.”

George Bruns, President of Prudential Select Properties said the campaign’s message speaks directly to real estate consumers, who seek guidance as the market and economy stabilize and move forward. “Homeownership remains one of life’s most important decisions and it carries significant weight in people’s sense of security, permanence and financial well-being,” said Bruns.   “At Prudential Select Properties we invite consumers to ‘Bring Your Challenges’ and, together, we’ll roll up our sleeves to meet them and create homeownership dreams.”

The campaign debuted with advertisements in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, USA Today, The Star-Ledger of Newark, N.J., Barron’s and the Financial Times. It will include television, outdoor, digital, business, general interest and trade advertising. Initial advertising highlights some of the tough challenges the company is already working to address. It also outlines Prudential’s goal to help solve the financial challenges we all face – not in the short term, but for the long-term benefit of clients and communities.

“The campaign represents a significant, long-term investment in our brand and showcases the dynamic company Prudential is today, with considerable talent, thought leadership, innovation and deep capabilities across an array of businesses,” added McConnell.

As part of the campaign, Prudential has created a website (www.prudential.com/bringyourchallenges) featuring short videos of Prudential business leaders and industry thought leaders discussing the pressing financial issues our society faces today. New York-based creative agency Droga5 worked with Prudential’s in-house advertising agency on the development of the campaign.

Prudential Select Properties, formed in 2002, now has 10 offices in the St. Louis Metropolitan area, representing over 600 agents. They are ranked #31 in the Prudential Real Estate Services national network, ranked #3 in the St. Louis Business Journal Book of Lists of Top Real Estate firms, #2 in real estate transactions recorded by the St. Louis Association of Realtors and in the top 20% of real estate firms nationwide. Maryann Vitale, Deb Colburn and Angie Ignatowski share ownership of the company. George Bruns acts as President and Chief Executive Officer.  Read more about them at www.DiscoverStL.com









A few of my favorite things

I was in Chicago a few weeks ago standing in line for Garrett’s popcorn when I noticed a tin reading ‘Oprah’s Favorite Things.”  I’m sure most of you are familiar with the segments on the Oprah Winfrey Show where she shared products she felt were noteworthy. Well in honor of her final show last week I’ve decided to compile a ‘favorite things’ list of my own. 

St. Louis Patios
It won’t come as a shock to some of you that the patio and rooftop restaurants are one of my favorite things about this city. I asked for your help  in compiling a list that combines all of our favorites.  You can view the list here (as well as on your personal website) and the corresponding eCard is below:



With the price of gas these days cross-country road trips aren’t a possibility, but there are a number of attractions within 3.5 hours or less. You can now find that list here (as well as on your personal website) and the corresponding eCard below.  

Marketing Newsflash: I added even more new eCards to the system, including one for our upcoming Golf Tournament in September, a Pumpkin Patch office event eCard and several holiday Coloring Contests.  See the full eCard inventory here



Voice Messages Sent to Text
I avoid phone conversations as much as possible. But I’m even worse about checking phone messages so I love Google Voice a free service that transcribes your voice messages to emails and texts.  

When I receive a voice mail I also receive a text with the transcribed message:


As well as an email and an entry in my google account (which I can refer to at any time): 


However I do want to note that if the person leaving you the voice mail is in a noisy room or doesn’t speak clearly you may end up with something like this: 

Hey it’s me Looks like I’m not sure why she doesn’t. But 82. Love you see, it’s hectic you got saying you’re gonna pick up the Baptist. 

That You donating note. I’mgonna walk into appointments. I don’t know if that right. And if so I’ll just plan on coming up to you or

something Friday but to get it let me know. Okay bye.

Google Voice does other fancy things too.  It allows you link up six phone lines to one number, block calls, route calls, record calls, and even allows free long distance calls.  But since that all has to do with the dreaded ‘phone conversations’ I’m not as interested. 


Facebook Share Button
I know a lot of you are Facebook users and if you haven’t already downloaded the Facebook ‘Share’ Button than you must do it now, today, this instant.  It’s a button that magically appears on your browser, letting you share any webpage, photo or video with just the click of a mouse.  Get it here.


Marketing Newsflash: Our ‘You Know You’re From St. Louis‘ Facebook page now has 2,589 fans! Thanks for your help!