Marketing Update (8/22/11)

Marketing Results

I just wanted to touch base with you before tomorrow’s office meeting and catch you up on the results of our new marketing program. We’ve positioned our listings in almost 4.5 million search results on Trulia, Zillow, Yahoo and and driven 168,833 views to our listings. Over 360 buyer email requests were sent out in July and 191 phone calls were placed to our offices.  We were only involved half of the month with our new Zillow and Yahoo exposure so I’m anticipating an increase in our August results. 

This is all great news! I’ve spoken with two managers this morning that both had call-in leads to their offices on property over $900,000 so make sure you’re taking opportunity time! 

A few updated flyers. . . 

Download this file

Download this file

Download this file


Scams using our listings

Lately some of our listings have been used in rental scams and I want to give you a heads up.  Scammers copy photos off the internet of a house that is actually for sale.  They take the photos and post them on Postlets, Craigslist, Trulia, Zillow, Yahoo, etc., claiming the house is for rent for a low price.  Usually the renter is asked to wire a security deposit to rent the home.

If you are aware of a scam contact the website where the ad was posted so they can remove the ad. You can file an Internet crime complaint with the Federal Bureau of Investigation at


Changing Zestimates

As you all know Zillow gives an automatic value to every home called a Zestimate.   I know many of you have expressed that you’re not fans of these!

You can’t changethe Zestimate, but you can edit the facts that go into the Zestimate (under “edit” on the property details page if you’ve claimed the home).   Should the facts you change be significant, it will take some time for the Zestimate to respond (several weeks to several months),


Upgrades to Zillow, Trulia and

A number of you have asked what about the upgrade on each of these sites so I’ll break down the options for you.  If I was an agent in today’s market I would be investing my marketing dollars in one of these online initiatives. Things to keep in mind, if you’re budget conscious you may want to look at Trulia. My experience with them has been they provide the most leads at the lowest cost.  However Zillow/Yahoo is the largest real estate portal now so realize that the Zillow/Yahoo relationship may be getting you more traffic.  This upgrade allows you to feature your listings, add more photos and info, and display your direct line.  Your cost is determined by your listing inventory. 

12 Month 
Listing Count
Monthly Cost Paid in Full Cost
251-500 $292.00 $3,127.00
76-100 $239.00 $2,564.00
51-75 $187.00 $2,001.00
26-50 $124.00 $1,326.00
11-25 $71.00 $766.00
4-10 $34.00 $362.00
0-3 $19.00 $199.00

Trulia Pro.  This upgrade costs betwen $39 – $149 a month and you essentially are paying for the same options you get with our current plan. My take: we’re already providing the features of this enhancement so I would use your marketing dollars towards Trulia local ads or Zillow Premier. 

Trulia Local Ads. This upgrade allows you to buy a percentage of advertising space on Trulia by zip code or city.  For example you could buy 100% of 63121 and be on every detail page for that zip code, even your competitions. 


 You can generate the cost per zip online for Trulia Local Ads.  See below for an example: 


Zillow/Yahoo Premier. This upgrade allows you to display your direct line and capture leads on unclaimed listings on in the zip code of your choice. As with Trulia you can buy a percentage of the share or lock out other agents if you take 100%.  For example the zip code 63121 is $56.25 a month for 25%.  It would be $225 a month for 100%.  


As always let me know if you have questions! You can reach me at

Sarah Grobe, Director of Marketing
Prudential Select Properties 



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