It’s that gift-giving time of year

The least you need to know:  We have some new tools premiering in 2012.  The first one unveils at Tuesday’s sales meetings. 

The unabbreviated version: So I’ve decided to move.   I own a house in South County and am hoping to find a renter so I can try out city living.   I love the idea of stepping out my front door and being able to walk to a coffee shop.  Or of having a restaurant a few blocks down.  And let’s be honest, of not having a lawn to cut.   In an attempt to never get out the lawn mower again I recently began my search.

Confession time: I did not use our website system to search.

Let’s take just a moment to reflect on this.  This is HORRIBLE.  I’m the one primarily responsible for guiding decisions about our web presence and I’m not using our system when I need it.

During my search I forgot everything I knew about real estate technology and became just another home buyer. 

I remember standing outside of one particular home in Benton Park, frustrated.  There wasn’t a price on the flyer and I wanted to know the information ‘right now.’   (There has be an app for this! was my line of thinking).  I typed the address into the search on my mobile phone and pulled up links to Zillow and Trulia.  An ad on Trulia reminded me that had a great mobile application that could tell me the homes for sale around me. It simplified my search once I found it.  That’s what I want for us. 

My experience with our online search was worse.   Although I had a plethora of options on it was difficult to navigate through them.  And I know our website! What happens to the regular consumer that uses our search?  They must be overwhelmed.  

As we start planning for 2012 we’re going to make some changes that ease your client’s ability to search, save, and share.  Since it’s the holiday season we’re feeling in a warm and fuzzy, gift-giving type of mood. The first of these surprises is debuting at your next sales meeting.  Tune in.


P.S. if anyone knows someone looking to rent in the Lindbergh School District tell them to check out my home here!  


Sarah McCall
Director of Marketing & eBusiness
Prudential Select Properties 
Your local choice for St. Louis real estate 




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