Storm Damage and Altruism

storm damageAs I drove around the office the past 24 hours I am amazed at how quickly things can change. On the way into work I saw groups of people standing around in their pajamas drinking coffee and looking at the war zone they are faced with. Talking with one another, pointing, telling animated stories of what they have been through. Driving home last night, I see these same people working in each other’s yards, helping each other clean up the trees, the debris. It is about the younger helping the older, about neighbor helping neighbor. While I would never wish these types of disasters on anyone, it always reminds me how much good there is in a community, in an area, among families, among neighbors, among friends. It is not about being rich or poor, it is not about being black or white – it is about being part of a community that cares.

storm damaged homeAs you may have heard one of our own, Donna Tull, experienced part of this disaster. While in her basement during the heart of the storm she heard what she thought was the door blowing open and rustling up stairs. When she went up to see what was going on she noticed that it was raining in her living room; her roof had been blow off her house. When Josh and I got there that night it was just like the pictures you see in the movies, The Wizard of Oz without the cow blowing by. A clean sweep and you have a convertible house.

Donna and her family are doing fine; many of you asked if she needs anything now, and we can’t think of anything at the moment. She is staying with us, and we came home to a nice home cooked meal, compliments of family friends who wanted to do something for the Tulls. This led Josh and I to encourage Donna to play this whole thing up when people would offer food. It was the first home cooked meal either of us had in a while so we were happy for the surprise.

storm damaged signOn the wall, where I went to high school there is a big mural which states the motto of the school – “Men for Others.” If it were an all-girls school it would have said, “Women for Others,” or co-ed “People for Others.” These past few days remind me once again why I got into the real estate business. We are here to serve our community, help people provide shelter for their families, help people create wealth. While the market and sales have picked up tremendously, I think the past 48 hours is once again a reminder to us to stop, look around and show us what is truly important in life, what we are put here for and bring us back to our core values of serving others.

As of late last night we still did not have full electric at the office but it is workable. We have Internet and wireless; we can scan and copy in black and white. I will have make-shift lighting today, and the front desk calls are coming to my cell phone. Hopefully when I get there this morning we will be back in service. I will let you know when I get there.

If any of you are in need, let me know. We have a whole office and a whole company of people who are willing to serve you.



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