Tuesday Tech Tip: Phone Savings for Prudential Real Estate Agents


Your phone is an extension of your real estate business and Prudential Real Estate recognizes that.

Prudential has worked with major providers to put together discounts on phone service and accessories including:

Sprint – 18% off regular monthly service

T-Mobile – 12% off recurring monthly charges

Verizon – 10% off eligible plan, 25% off accessories

AT&T – 18% off qualifying services


To use: from the online supplier catalog click the phone company discount screen to go to the phone company page to sign up for a code to give your carrier to receive the discount.


In addition to phone services the Prudential Supplier Catalog has deals on:

  • Ad Specialties/Apparel/Gifts
  • Advertising
  • Awards
  • Back Office Management
  • Canadian Suppliers
  • Communication Products/Services
  • Mortgage/Title/Insurance
  • Name Badges
  • Office Equipment/Supplies
  • Personal Marketing
  • Printed Materials
  • Signs/Accessories
  • Technology
  • & More


Here is a link to the Prudential Supplier Catalog 2011-2011.

It can also be found by logging into prea.prudential.com clicking on Suppliers then Online Supplier Catalog.